Mascara Cocktailing is TikTok Beauty Craze That You Need in Your Life

Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

TikTok is the internet’s best source of amazing makeup hacks and mascara cocktailing is the latest to blow up on this social media platform. Everyone from makeup influencers to celebrities swears by it, but what is this trend all about, and should you give it a shot?

Makeup cocktailing basically means combining several mascaras with different wands or formulas to create a custom look. The main idea behind this technique is to mix mascaras with volumizing, thickening, and lengthening formulas to make your lashes fuller and longer.

Mascara cocktailing only blew up on TikTok recently, but celebrity makeup artists, such as Neil Scibelli, have been swearing by it for years.

“We’re used to using the one, one-size-fits-all method, but I think people are finding more and more that you can actually customize the finish of your lashes by using these different types of mascaras and combining them in a way that creates the lash that you really want,” Scibelli told Today.

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Another great thing about this trend is that it doesn’t take a lot of time, work, or money to give it a shot. Just grab any two mascaras in your makeup collection and make the mascara cocktail of your dreams! @essence cosmetics , you amaze me😍 #fyp #mascara ♬ original sound – katie