Meet the Chief Eating Officer of Follow My Gut

Danielle N. Salmon describes herself as a thirtysomething restaurant lover who happily lives and eats in Los Angeles, California. A self-proclaimed Chief Eating Officer (yup CEO) of Follow My Gut, Salmon writes about food in LA and around the world, sharing her experiences with her growing audience.

On average, Salmon visits five restaurants a week. Her reviews include photos of the restaurant’s interior, menu, and table display; along with a detailed description of my dining experience – from the moment she sits down to when she pays for the bill. “The biggest challenge is probably buttoning my pants every morning,” she joked in an interview with VoyageLA. “Eating out so much means my clothes don’t fit as well as they used to—but thankfully, I have a lot of sweatpants. In spite of all of these challenges, I know Follow My Gut is what I want to do so it’s not bad if it means it’ll improve my website and myself in the process.”

Since launching her brand in 2014, Follow My Gut has grown into a recognized restaurant discovery site, and has become a space where foodies of all types can discover their next favorite spot. From reviewing eateries throughout LA (and occasionally internationally), covering food at the Emmy Awards and The Oscars, and interviewing chefs from around the world, Salmon has tasted many dishes – and she invites you to tag along.

“When it comes to running this website, I am most proud of the moments where I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone,” she says. “I don’t have a journalism degree and have never interviewed anyone, but the times where I got to sit down with chefs like Massimo Bottura and discuss their love of food has been amazing!”

It’s this down to earth kind of attitude which makes her writing so enjoyable!