Meet the Food Artists Behind the Viral “Everything is Cake” Meme

The new viral meme “everything is cake” left people questioning their reality and wondering if everything (and everyone) around them is made of cake. It’s impossible to go online without stumbling upon videos of hyper-realistic cakes, so it’s time to give credit to the incredible artists behind them.

Red Rose Cake

The “Everything is cake” meme first went viral after BuzzFeed’s Tasty account shared a video of a knife slicing through a pair of Crocs, toilet paper, a potted plant, and many other objects that turned out to be cakes. This video consisted of the clips previously shared by the Turkish artist Tuba Geckil.

Sideserf Cake Studio                  

Geckil’s videos are the first association to the “everything is cake” meme, but they’re not the only ones. Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio is another popular artist who makes cakes that look like everyday objects, fruits and veggies, and fictional characters.

Luke Vincentini

Luke Vincentini attracted hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers long before this viral meme came into the picture. His hyper-realistic cakes usually take the form of other foods, including boxes of eggs and bags of Doritos.