Meghan Markle was the only royal fiancée to ever do this

Meghan Markle in March. Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9452062n)

Meghan Markle has always been one to break traditions while still remaining respectful. She has always written her own rules even while living among the members of the royal family. Now, it seems like she’s leaning towards that instinct once again.

On April 18, she attended the Commonwealth Youth Forum held in London. Although it’s normal for royals to attend this event, it’s not really for royal fiancées. This makes the attendance of Markle an unparalleled move.

This event is one part of a more significant event, which is the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. According to Vanity Fair, fiancées of royalty usually don’t attend this event either. But as seen in a video that the Kensington Palace shared, Markle clearly and actively interacted with the delegated at the event.

But why is this such a big deal? To begin with, this meeting is actually considered as a high-profile event. It occurs every 2 years and different leaders attend.

Of course, the royal family goes to the event but they don’t usually bring fiancées to ensure that there’s no risk of controversy. Of course, Markle held her own at the event just like all the other times she broke tradition without compromising her respect.