Michael Jackson’s Nephew Will Play His Uncle in a New Movie

Michael Jackson in concert in 1997
Michael Jackson in concert in 1997. Photo by Karl Schoendorfer/REX/Shutterstock (954381c)

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a global music icon who also happens to be your uncle. That’s exactly what’s happening in the upcoming biopic about Michael Jackson. Jaafar Jackson, the King of Pop’s nephew, will play the lead role. Here’s what we know so far. 

The Story Behind Michael

The biopic titled Michael will explore the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. The movie will delve into his journey as an artist, his personal challenges, and his lasting impact on the music industry. The film’s goal is to present a balanced narrative: acknowledging both the triumphs and controversies of Jackson’s life.

A Family Affair in Filmmaking

Perhaps most excitingly, Jaafar Jackson, the 27-year-old son of Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson, is set to bring his famous uncle’s story to the big screen. The news was confirmed by director Antoine Fuqua, who expressed his amazement at Jaafar’s ability to channel Michael’s essence. With a family link this close, the portrayal promises to bring an intimate and authentic perspective to the legendary singer’s life. 

Though this marks Jaafar’s first major film role, he is no stranger to performing as a singer and dancer. We can’t wait to see him on the big screen next.