Micro Manicure is Something We All Need in 2021

Doing your own nails can be therapeutic, but we can all agree we missed our regular salon appointments this year. If you haven’t been able to visit your favorite nail technician in a while and have a chance to go soon, perhaps you can get the trendiest look for 2021 on your nails: micro manicure.

Micro manicures became popular partially because we were so dependent on ourselves and most of us can’t do complicated nail art at home. It also looks universally good and doesn’t need to be changed very often to go with different outfits.

The new micro manicure trend comes in various colors, from classic white (like very thin French manicure) to grey, black, and brights. With a little practice, you can easily achieve the look at home. All you need to do is paint the top of every nail with the thinnest coat of polish and cover the rest of the nail with a transparent or nude top coat. You can also use tools like French manicure tape to help you be more precise.

Scroll down for some ideas for this beautiful new trend.