Milk Tea Hair Color Is Taking Over Asia

Over the last few years, we’ve seen plenty of hair trends inspired by beverages, particularly coffee and wine. There’s chardonnay blonde, mulled wine, and iced mocha, and the latest trend finally includes tea lovers.

Milk tea is the new hair color that’s trending in Japan and Singapore, and it could also spread to the rest of the world. You can see the photos on Instagram under the hashtag #milkteahair and there’s more and more of them every day.

We really like the color. It’s basically beige without being too cool or too warm. It’s a transitional color between dark blonde and light brunette and could look great on many girls.

“It’s the perfect balance of warm tones and cool tones that adds almost an edgier feel to the average balayage,” colorist Olivia Smalley told Allure. “When asking your colorist for something similar, you want to stress that you’re looking for a color melt look that starts more warm-toned at the root but transitions to ash on the ends. The key here is making sure there is a complete elimination of gold on those lighter ends, while maintaining gold on the roots.”