Mirror Skin is the New K-Beauty Trend We Love

Mirror skin
Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash

Korean beauty is all about taking good care of your skin with proper use of natural and gentle products. In Korea, skincare is focused on keeping skin healthy and glowy, and that’s exactly why Korean beauty trends, such as mirror skin, are taking the world by storm.

Mirror skin is one of the latest Korean beauty trends that people are obsessed with right now, because it promises to keep our skin hydrated and smooth. This routine can give your skin a radiant natural glow that reflects light—hence the name mirror skin. Here are key three steps to help you achieve the mirror skin effect.

Double cleansing

Double-cleansing ritual is the first and essential step that will help clean your skin and remove all dead skin cells.


Cleansing should always be followed with layers of moisturizing serums, creams and masks that are rich in vitamin C and will keep your skin hydrated.


Last but not least, keeping your skin protected all the time is the most important thing for achieving that radiant and bright look. That’s why you should always use sunscreen that will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.