Music Biopics Remain One of Hollywood’s Most Popular Film Genres

Marisa Abela in
Marisa Abela in "Back To Black"

From Elvis Presley to Freddie Mercury, some of the most iconic recording artists got Hollywood treatment in recent years—and there’s more where that came from. Music biopics are going stronger than ever, and here are a few worth looking forward to.

Back To Black

Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Back to Black will chronicle the meteoric rise and tragic fall of the British singer Amy Winehouse, played by the Industry star Marisa Abela.

Sam Mendes’ The Beatles Films

It was just a matter of time before The Beatles got Hollywood treatment, and Sam Mendes is making it happen! The Oscar-winning filmmaker is planning not one, but four interconnected films about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

A Complete Unknown

James Mangold’s Bob Dylan biopic starring Timothée Chalamet has been years in the making, and it finally kicked off production this month. This biopic will see the young Dylan rising to prominence and shaking up the folk music scene with his decision to embrace electrically amplified rock sound.


Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson will play the iconic singer in the upcoming biopic about his life. It hails from the acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua, and its star-studded cast will include Colman Domingo, Nia Long, Miles Teller, and Laura Harrier.