Netflix is About to Automate Trailer Creation

Netflix. Photo by Isopix/REX/Shutterstock (3596408c)

As per the recent announcement, Netflix is about to automate the creation of trailers in hope to make them more time-efficient and to personalize them for the viewers.

According to CBS News, the company’s chief product officer Gregory Peters said Netflix plans to automate the process of indexing scenes and characters “so that our trailer creators can really focus their time and energy on the creative process”.

This is not the first time Netflix is attempting to personalize content. Back in 2017, they introduced personalized artwork that shows different posters to each user based on their viewing history and genre preferences.

Take the movie Good Will Hunting for example. If a user prefers comedies and watches them on Netflix, the software will list the movie with an image of Robin Williams. If they prefer romantic movies, Netflix will show Matt Damon and Minnie Driver about to kiss. 

Similar logic will apply to the creation of trailers.

The next step for Netflix will be utilizing artificial intelligence to reduce time editors spend on editing trailers so they could focus on fine-tuning the final cut.