Netflix is Turning Your Favorite TV Shows Into Fun and Exciting New Games

Anya Taylor-Joy in "The Queen's Gambit"

It’s been a while since Netflix entered the gaming scene, and they’ve proved themselves as a major player at the recent 2022 Geeked Week. The streaming giant announced a rich slate of new games that we’ll soon get to play, and some of them are based on our favorite Netflix shows.

Shadow and Bone

Fantasy shows are always a great fit for games, and Netflix couldn’t have made a better choice than giving Shadow and Bone a game treatment. Shadow And Bone: Destinies allows players to journey across the Grishaverse and have an adventure of a lifetime.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is the most obvious choice for one of Netflix’s signature games because it centers on an orphan girl who rises through the rank of the world of chess while struggling with addiction.

Too Hot To Handle

Netflix never developed a game based on one of their reality shows, but that’s about to change. Too Hot To Handle will be the streaming giant’s very first game based on a reality franchise.

La Casa De Papel

In this game based on a popular Spanish heist drama, the Professor is putting the gang together again for another epic mission – robbing a shady billionaire’s casino in Monaco.