Nostalgic Makeup Collections Are Showing Up Everywhere Right Now

Image via colourpopcosmetics/Instagram

Pop culture-themed makeup collections experienced a huge boom last year, and they’re still around—but in a new form. Instead of giving us new beauty lines inspired by current movies and TV shows, cosmetic brands are embracing timeless classics we’re all nostalgic about.

Revolution’s Friends Collections

Friends-inspired collections were all the rage last year, and Revolution is continuing this trend with their new makeup line. It features eyeshadow palettes, lip products, and accessories inspired by our favorite characters, and another drop is already on the way.

ColourPop’s Hocus Pocus Collection

ColourPop is kicking off the Halloween season with a brand-new line, inspired by the beloved ‘90s classic. You don’t even have to be a fan of Hocus Focus to enjoy it—its fall-inspired tones are impossible not to love.

Ulta’s Harry Potter Collection

Ulta Beauty stores are the first place you should check out when looking for nostalgic makeup collections. In addition to collaborating with many major brands, they also gave us one of the most magical beauty lines of the year—their own Harry Potter collection.