Olivia Rodrigo is Giving Us Major Costume Inspiration This Halloween

Olivia Rodrigo in
Screenshot from "good 4 u (Official Video)" via Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube

If we had to pick a single celebrity whose fashion choices this year make for a great Halloween costume, it would be Olivia Rodrigo. The young pop singer is the biggest rising star of 2021, and here are five of her best looks that you can use as inspiration for your costume this Halloween.

“Good 4 U” Music Video

Rodrigo gave us one of the defining songs of 2021 with “Good 4 U”, and you can easily recreate her look from this video by wearing a cheerleading uniform and long black leather gloves.

“Sour” Cover

The cover art of Rodrigo’s debut album Sour is also pretty easy to copy, as long as you’re okay with putting a bunch of colorful stickers on your face.

“Sour Prom”

Rodrigo embraced the “crying prom queen” trope in her concert film Sour Prom and gave us another Halloween look that you can copy with minimal effort.

“Brutal” Music Video

Rodrigo’s music video for “Brutal” was basically a Y2K fashion time capsule and she gave us countless nostalgic looks to choose from when coming up with your Halloween costume.

Met Gala Look

If you want to have your Met Gala moment this Halloween, how about trying to recreate Rodrigo’s black lace Saint Laurent jumpsuit with a feathered neckline?