On-Nomi: This Japanese Trend is Helping People Get Through Social Distancing During Coronavirus

Image via AllaSerebrina/depositphotos

No matter what country you live in, it’s impossible to turn on the news or scroll through social media without seeing mention of the Coronavirus. Around the world, people have been placed in mandatory quarantine or are social distancing to keep themselves safe during this uncertain time. Self-isolating and social distancing can get extremely lonely and depressing for people who are used to socializing and connecting with others.

But people in Japan have found a way to make the best out of the situation we’re in and it involves using technology and alcohol.

On-nomi, which means online drinking in Japanese, has groups of people logging into video chats while drinking their own booze to meet new people and have some form of social contact. It’s basically a virtual happy hour!

The most popular video platform being used is Zoom, which allows anyone to join and create their own bar-like setting. People are toasting beers to the camera and sharing their concerns about the virus.

Who knows how long we’ll be stuck at home from the Coronavirus, and with countries taking stricter measures to keep us safe, it’s important to find ways to be creative and find new ways to connect with people.