Original “Mean Girls” Cast Returns for Walmart’s Viral Black Friday Ad

Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried in
Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried in "Mean Girls"

Meal Girls is as popular today as it was when it came out almost two decades ago, and Walmart decided to use its popularity to its advantage. They just released a fetch new ad featuring the cast of the original film, and it didn’t take it long to become a viral sensation.

Walmart’s new ad is filled with countless Mean Girls references, and it features three of the film’s four leading ladies: Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert. Rachel McAdams’s glaring absence inspired several viral tweets, and a source close to the actress claims she “didn’t want to do it.”

Even without Regina George to stir up some drama, Walmart’s new ad is a truly slam dunk. It does a great job capturing the aesthetic of the original movie and features a cameo from supporting actors Daniel Franzese as Damian and Rajiv Surendra as Kevin.

The ad also reveals the faith of the three main characters. Cady Heron now works as a guidance counselor at North Shore High School, Gretchen Wieners is a “cool mom” still trying to make fetch happen, while Karen Smith is living her dream of being a news reporter.

Walmart’s ad isn’t the only pop culture phenomenon to trigger our Meal Girls nostalgia. The adaptation of a Broadway musical based on this film is just around the corner, and we’ll get to see it in theatres this January.