Pink Succulents Are the Prettiest Houseplant Trend Right Now

Succulents are perfect plants for beginner gardeners because most of them are very easy to grow and they look wonderful. Pink succulents are rising in popularity and they’re perfect for decorating and adding a splash of color to any room. Here are some of the prettiest pink succulents.

Jelly Bean Plant

This interesting succulent, also known as “Pink Jelly Beans”, originates from Mexico and is very easy to grow and propagate. Keep this succulent in bright light to help it keep its vibrant colors.

Moonstone Succulent

This wonderful succulent with chubby leaves comes in a variety of colors, from green, purple and grey to stunning pastel pink.

Sunrise Succulent

As the name indicates, Sunrise Succulent absolutely loves the sun and it changes colors in sunlight—and it will turn pinker the longer it stays in the sun.

Ghost Plant Succulent

Ghost plant has thick leaves in grey-pink color and is one of the most popular succulents because it’s great for adding a soft and modern touch to home decor.

Pink Butterflies

This is a unique-looking and tall succulent with tiny pink rosettes growing on leaves, which means it’s a must-have for people who love pink succulents.