Prepare to See Floor Tile Phrases This Summer

The latest home decor trend has been taking over Instagram lately—floor tile phrases. These tiles use contrasting penny or hexagon tiles to spell out adorable phrases. They were first seen in restaurants, coffee shops, and bars and now people are using them to decorate their living spaces. Check out some of our favorites below. What do you think of this new home decor design?

Stay Home

There’s no doubt that we could all benefit from staying home now to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, but here’s just a reminder. The removable hexagonal caps are available in many colors and you can write whatever phrase speaks to you in the moment. You don’t have to be too committed to a saying because you can change it whenever you want!

No Diving

There’s no doubt that this floor is perfect for a beach or pool house and that’s exactly where this floor is. The phrase works so well with the nautical decor in the Wayzata Minnesota bathroom’s beach house.

The Sweet Life

This Sweet Life is on the entrance of blogger Clarita Yoder’s side door. It’s an unofficial family motto that’s been said for many years and it reminds people to see the positive in any situation, which is what she told Better Homes & Gardens.


Every laundry room should smell fresh and clean and we bet this person’s laundry smells amazing. We love the tri-colored tiles that are in black, sage green, and white.


So technically this isn’t in someone’s home; it’s in a boutique hotel in Newport Beach, California. The bold colors seen in the rest of the cottage contrast with this retro black and white design.