Preppy Style is Taking the World by Storm

Preppy fashion is all the rage.
Photo by Joshua Koblin on Unsplash

Preppy style is making a major comeback just in time for the Gossip Girl reboot. Everywhere we look on social media, we’re seeing tons of preppy outfits inspired by uniforms and clothing items we haven’t worn since high school. But these new looks are anything but dated. While they may be from the past, they feel super current. Here are five preppy trends all of the fashionistas are wearing. Get your hands on them soon as they’re selling out quickly!

Sweater Vests

If you’re going to get one preppy piece of clothing, sweater vests should be it. These oversized vests pair so well with mini skirts, jeans, and button-downs.

Draped Sweaters

Instantly look more polished and chic by throwing a sweater over your shoulders with pretty much any outfit.

Exposed Collars

Exposed collars have become so trendy that stores are selling collars on their own. You can also get the look with a button-down shirt. Wear them with collegiate sweatshirts, sweater vests, and chunky cardigans.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated or tennis skirts and great for showing off your legs once the weather gets nicer and they look amazing paired with sweater vests and oversized button-downs.

Polo Tops

While we used to dread wearing these as part of our school uniforms, now we can’t seem to get enough polo tops. Look for ones in brighter colors and short sleeves for the spring and summer.