Rami Malek and Pete Davidson’s “Squid Game” “Saturday Night Live” Paradoy Was Epic!

Rami Malek and Pete Davidson in a
Rami Malek and Pete Davidson in a "Saturday Night Live" "Squid Game" sketch

Everyone’s been talking about Squid Game and the South Korean drama blew up. Even though it was released about a month ago, it has become Netflix’s most-watched show. And not surprisingly, Saturday Night Live has done a parody of the show, and it happens to be to a country song. The sketch stars Rami Malek and Pete Davidson and it’s epic!

Davidson plays Gi-hun, whose financial issues led him to play the deadly game. He starts with his signature platinum blonde hair and then he dyes his hair red at the end of the song, just like the character does. Malek plays Sang-woo, his competition.

Nothing is left out in the song—there’s the impressive, colorful set and the iconic guard and player outfits. Even the games are played which include Red Light, Green Light, dalgona, and glass bridge. And of course, the creepy doll from Red Light, Green Light makes an appearance. The best part is the whole thing is done to a really catchy tune. Expect for “That’s what happens in the Squid Game” to be stuck in your head for a while.

Just beware—the sketch pretty much gives away the whole show, so don’t watch it unless you’ve finished it or don’t plan on watching it.

Check out the video below.