3 Reasons To See Netflix’s “The Princess Switch”

Vanessa Hudgens in "The Princess Switch"

Netflix gave us a couple of hit rom-coms this year, and The Princess Switch is the latest addition to their impressive collection. It tells the story of a rich duchess and an ordinary baker, who looks exactly like her. They get a taste of each other’s life just a week before Christmas after swapping identities with each other. People are going crazy about it right now – here are three reasons why.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Return to Form

Hudgens’ attempts to stay on our radar after High School Musical mostly fell flat, but she’s going back to her roots with The Princess Switch. Millennials who grew up rooting for Wildcats may be a little too old for this kind of story, but they’ve always been suckers for nostalgia.

Throwback Time

The Princess Switch may not be the most original movie out there, but it’s the perfect mix of films we grew up loving. The Parent Trap meets Princess Diaries meets The Lizzie McGuire Movie in this holiday rom-com – and you’ll certainly enjoy it if you’re a nostalgia freak like us.

Holiday Spirit

What a better way to get yourself into a holiday spirit than watching a movie about Trading Places-type of Christmas fairy tale!