Refresh Your Home With These Lovely Instagram Decor Trends

Minimalist home design
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Spring is usually that time of the year when we’re trying to reorganize and redecorate our home in order to make it cozy and fresh. Here are some great Instagram decor trends we’ve found on Instagram that will help you refresh your home this season.

Gold-Framed Mirrors

Gold frames have been around forever but chances are you’ve probably seen this trend all over your Instagram feed. Adding mirrors to your living room is an easy way to make it look bigger and more sophisticated.


This is one of the latest furniture trends that is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it can easily help you refresh your living room and make it cozier.

Black & White Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have been around for a while now and if you still find this decor trend a bit intimidating we have great news. Using black and white portraits and photos and creating a black and white gallery wall is an easier way to try this sophisticated trend.

Minimalistic Pieces

Minimalist decor is one of the biggest trends right now and incorporating some modern accent pieces like a nightstand, coffee table, or chairs are an easy way to embrace it.