Regencycore Aesthetic is Taking Over Every Aspect of Our Daily Lives

Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor in "Bridgerton"

It’s been almost two months since Bridgerton came out, but its popularity is still impacting every aspect of our daily lives. Netflix’s hit period drama series put regencycore aesthetic on the map, and people are embracing it in more ways than one.

Regencycore Fashion

Like with the cottagecore aesthetic before it, most people are trying to embrace regencycore through their clothes. Even if they’re not the exact replicas of the lavish 19th-century ball gowns, the effort still counts if they have a similar vibe—especially if you’re wearing a corset, long gloves, or anything with puff sleeves.

Regencycore Beauty

Bridgerton characters impressed us with their glowing skin, so there’s not much you can do to recreate their look in terms of makeup. To get an authentic regencycore beauty look, you have to get creative with your hair and add some flashy accessories to the mix.

Regencycore Home Décor

Regencycore is also making its way into our homes, and it’s all about giving your home an extravagant touch. Think mirrors with heavy golden frames, duvet covers and curtains with elegant prints, and all the pieces of vintage furniture you can get your hands on.