Remember Tamagotchis? They’re Making a Comeback!

Tamagotchis. The '90s toy is making a comeback.
Image via alexlmx/depositphotos

Do you remember begging your parents to get you a Tamagotchi? They were every ’90s kid’s dream and we all wanted our very own handheld digital pet. Believe it or not, Tamagotchis are back and they’ve gotten some modern updates perfect for 2021. You won’t believe what they look like now!

In 2021 Tamagotchis still have the characteristic egg shape, three buttons, and the goal of raising a virtual pet that goes through life stages. But the ’90s toy has some updates including that instead of being a pixelated black and white screen it’s now full color. There’s also a built-in camera that allows you to take selfies with your pet. When it comes to feeding your pet, you can cook or have food delivered. To care for the pet, you can paint or cook with it using the camera to take photos.

Another change is the explore mode where you can set up play dates with other Tamagotchis and connect with a friend’s device with a Tama Code. Like the original, there’s still no Wi-Fi required.

The toy is $59.99 and and it’s available for pre-order now. It officially goes on sale July 1.