Resin Home Accessories are Trending and They are Perfect for Winter

Resin accessories are the latest homeware trend that got our attention and we like them more and more. From lamps to vases and trays, many decor items look great when they are made from this material. We first loved resin on the jewelry, but once we saw how beautiful it can look on home decor items, we had to share the trend with you. Instagram and Pinterest are full of new items that fit various decor styles and we’re now sure that resin has a place in everyone’s home.

Resin is for both minimalists and maximalists. A piece of resin decor in a neutral color may be all you need to freshen up your living room, but you can also go for multiple items in various colors if that’s your style. Some pieces look vintage while others feature modern design. They are available by many designers and brands at various price points, so there’s truly something for everyone on the market.

What do you think about resin home decor? Would you get something for your home this fall or would you rather skip this trend?