Retro Desserts are Making a Comeback

Retro desserts: fruit pies
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

When it comes to style, what’s old is new and again. And while that usually applies to fashion and beauty, the same can be said about food. Retro desserts have been making a comeback and they’re even more delicious than we remember. Be sure to make these three retro desserts that are super trendy.

Layered Trifles

While we remember trifles from Rachel Green’s Thanksgiving disaster in Friends, typically the layers include cake pieces, custard, fruit pieces, jelly, and cream. Even though they’re easy to make, they look really complex, which is a win-win. Plus you can customize the ingredients so your favorites are featured.

Old-Fashioned Fruit Pies

Fruit pies are always popular come fall time and they typically consist of whole or sliced fruits combined with sugar and a starch thickener. Common flavors include apple, cherry, blueberry, and peach. It doesn’t get more American than fruit pies.

Icebox Cake

We bet you didn’t know they became popular thanks to the advent of refrigeration. Icebox cakes are a no-bake dessert made by layering wafer cookies, cream, condensed milk, and fruit that are set in the refrigerator. The best part about icebox cakes is they’re super customizable as long as you stick to a cream-and-cookie base.