Retro Workouts are the Latest Fitness Trend

With gyms and fitness studios closed, home workouts have become the next best thing. While there are Zoom and Instagram live exercise videos, why not go back to where it all started with celebrities who made their own workout tapes? Back in the day, we used to hip thrust and lunge to the latest tunes with Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks, and Cindy Crawford, and these videos are now available on YouTube. If you’re looking to join the retro fitness craze, here are three videos to try out!

Jane Fonda’s Workout

Fonda is the queen of 80s aerobic videos and if you want to embody her you’ll need a mat or towel for the floor exercises and a leotard and legwarmers. This workout is supposed to be for beginners and it features ballet, Pilates, and strength exercises. It’s an intense, high paced 30-minute workout that will get your heart racing.

The CherFitness: Body Confidence “Hot Dance”

This 38-minute fat-burning dance exercise video came out in 1992 and it features Cher’s longtime choreographer Doriana Sanchez doing step-touch, grapevines, and pony dance moves to classic rock tunes.

MTV’s, The Grind Workout: Hip-Hop Aerobics

If you’re wanting to learn the hottest club dance moves from the 90s, this is your video. This hour-long video has reality star Eric Nies and instructor Lynda Nader doing lots of pelvic thrusts with challenging choreography. It will feel like you’ve brought the party to your home.