Revolution Beauty’s Makeup Lines Let You Relive Your Childhood Years

We can always count on Revolution Beauty to give us nostalgia overload with their makeup collections, but they’re truly taking things to a whole new level with their latest drops. Makeup lines inspired by our childhood are becoming the backbone of this beauty brand, and here are three they shared with us this year.

Jasmine Collection

Disney-inspired collections are nothing new for Revolution, and they’ve been collaborating with this movie studio for quite some time. If Aladdin happens to be your favorite Disney classic, you’ll be happy to hear they recently introduced a brand-new line inspired by Jasmine.

Pebbles Collection

After joining forces with movie and music companies, beauty brands are currently finding a new partner in crime in food companies. Revolution Beauty got on board with this trend with their new line inspired by Pebbles cereals, which also pays homage to our favorite characters from The Flintstones.

Bratz Collection

If we had to pick Revolution Beauty’s most-talked-about nostalgic collaboration of 2021, it would certainly be this Bratz line. It features eyeshadow pallets, lip glosses, and eyeliners that you can use to recreate the iconic beauty look of your favorite Bratz doll.