Ruby Thursday More’s Embroidered Jewelry: The Trend That Keeps On Trending

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit,” says Michael Kors, and we couldn’t agree more. A unique jewelry piece can upgrade the most simple of looks. Most recently we’ve taken to the embroidered jewelry trend. A combination of kitsch and romance, a hand-stitched piece of jewelry can add a nostalgic flair to that floral summer dress of yours.

Ruby Thursday More of Thursday Craftlove will show you how it’s done. Based in the Philippines, her hand-embroidered floral necklaces and abstract earrings are very much inspired by her life on the island. “My whitework embroidery pieces, for example, like the Rosa necklaces were inspired by the Barong Tagalog—an embroidered top traditionally worn by men especially during special occasions like weddings—and as how I remembered certain flowers from my childhood, which I rarely see these days like the Rosal (similar to Gardenias, I think),” shared Thursday More in an interview with My Modern Met.

Other sources of inspiration include color, light, and memories. But ultimately, says Thursday More, her creativity stems from her upbringing and artistic family members. Her maternal grandmother, for instance, used to make quilts and sell them to farmers during the harvest season. She also embroidered blankets, tablecloths, and tea towels. Additionally, her mother used to sew pencil cases and throw pillow cases. Thursday More recalls sitting under her sewing machine, cutting away the excess threads from the things she has made.

The creative seeds were planted back then but it was only after becoming a mother that she turned her attention to embroidery, turning it from a side hobby to a full-time job. “I think what I love most about embroidery is its portability,” she explained in the interview. “At that time when my daughter was a toddler and very active, and I was trying to figure out what craft to focus on, I wanted something I can easily take with me and hand embroidery fits that criteria so I guess that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to it.”

Another benefit of embroidery, as a practice, says Thursday More, is its tactile quality. “I love embroidery and working with thread as it is a very tactile experience—something I used to do a lot when I was young (versus these days when we do a lot of swiping and tapping) and the physicality of it really gets me thinking and stimulates my creativity.”

With each piece carefully and lovingly hand stitched – no two pieces is exactly be the same, making her jewelry pieces very personal and thus, an ideal gift for loved ones.