Scientific Illustrations Are Making a Comeback In Tattoo Art

2020 was undoubtedly a bumpy ride, but at least in one aspect, we’ve seen a change for the better: a rise in creativity and self-expression during quarantine. As we move forward, this creative spirit isn’t going anywhere, especially when it comes to permeant artistic additions to our bodies—tattoo art, that is. According to tattoo artists, 2021 has hit new levels of ingenuity.

And while tattoos will probably never go out of style, you should keep your eyes peeled for recent trends. According to experts, gothic, esoteric tattoos are making a comeback, with a focus on intricate linework. These tattoos mostly feature natural themes in an engraving style, reminding of vintage botanical illustrations, stylized in a more gothic style.

Katy Wiedemann’s tattoos are a good example of this growing trend. Based on vintage scientific illustrations, Wiedemann draws inspiration from anatomical museums. Which makes sense, judging by her creative upbringing.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration, on top of an MA in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art, Wiedemann actually worked as a scientific illustrator—a skill that would come in handy when transitioning into tattoo art in 2018.

“In both fields I am working with a client who wants something very specific, and I need to be able to take their ideas and improve on them in a way that both fulfills their requirements and my own artistic vision,” Wiedemann told Female Tattooers. “Usually, the most difficult part of my job in both fields is frequently being asked to draw something that has been done countless times over and try to make it unique.”

With tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, people are clearly taking note of her unique artwork. But worry not – you don’t have to be a goth-kid to enjoy her impressive collection of insect illustrations, skeletons, and snakes. Scroll to see some recent work: