See-Through Bags Are Everywhere These Days

Image by @stylewyn / Instagram

Suddenly, streets of many world cities have become crowded with see-through bags and everyone’s daily necessities are exposed. The clear bag trend is spreading from New York to Paris and everywhere in between.

But following this trend is not as simple as it sounds. In order to do it right, you actually need to follow some rules instead of just pulling out your old see-through beach bag from the depths of your closet.

Unlike the net bag trend we had last summer, clear bags will actually keep all your possessions safe, though visible to everyone.

All of the major labels have their lines of transparent bags you’re gonna love this summer. Just pick your favorite: from Céline to Prada, there’s something for everyone. This is your chance to grab a trendy designer item at a fraction of a price of, let’s say, a leather handbag. In a world that’s fighting for honesty and transparency, wearing such an item will send a powerful message to the people around you.