Sephora’s Fidget Spinner Lip Balm

Photo by ARTHUR YAO on Unsplash

Not tired of fidget spinners yet? We have some good news – makeup now comes in them. First, it was the fidget spinners, and then Sephora introduced a lip balm packed in them. What more is there for you to want if you follow all the latest trends?

The spinner was born from a collaboration between איק cosmetics manufacturer Taste Beauty and Buzzfeed Product Labs. It took them 28 days to develop the product millions of girls would go crazy for. It has three different lip balms in three flavors – strawberry, peach, and grapes. The lip balm is available on Sephora’s website for $10.

The customer reviews confirm that this is actually a high-quality product. “I bought it for giggles, but I was very surprised by how nice the lip balms are. They smell delicious and are actually very moisturizing. And the spinner actually spins really well. A Win-win,” one of them reads.