Shackets: The Clothing Item That Will Keep You Cozy All Season Long

Transitioning between seasons is rough—the weather is somewhere between warm and cool, and it’s hard to know what piece of outerwear to reach for before leaving your house. Do you need a sweater or a jacket? Well, now you can have both with a shacket. A shacket is a shirt and jacket combined into one—literally the best of both worlds!

It’s like a shirt, but it layers like a jacket and it’s heavy enough to keep you warm, but not too heavy to overheat you. It’s the combination we’ve been looking for when trying to decide if we should bring a jacket with us for when it gets chillier at night and it adds a nice layer to any outfit.

Shackets are kind of like fall solutions to jean jackets, which are better for the spring and summer. They come in tons of fabrics including corduroy, fleece, and flannel, and they’re the perfect addition to fall outfits. Shackets can be paired with anything from turtlenecks and skirts with knee-high boots to leggings with over-sized band tees—the possibilities are endless.

For some inspiration, just check out the photos below. Do you have a favorite look?