“Silent Walking” is the Latest Fitness Craze Taking TikTok By Storm

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Pexels

From “hot girl walk” to “12-3-30” treadmill workouts, TikTok introduced us to several fitness trends over the years, and “silent walking” is the next one in line. This mindful fitness craze is taking this social media platform by storm, but what’s the fuss all about?

“Silent walking” isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s something most people have been struggling with in the modern world. If you can’t imagine yourself walking for more than two minutes without listening to some music or a podcast because you don’t want to be alone with your thoughts, this fitness trend will inspire you to let go.

This TikTok trend is all about going for a relaxing and mindful walk without any distractions. It was popularized by the TikTok user Mady Maio, who decided to ditch intense cardio for walking after her nutritionist encouraged her to do so.

@madymaio #stitch with @KENZIEELIZABETH WE’RE SILENT WALKING ALL SUMMER, BABE 🚶 #walkinggirls #girlswhowalk #meditativewalk #intentionalwalk ♬ original sound – Mady Maio

Her boyfriend inspired her to go on silent walks and she found them extremely anxiety-inducing at first, but they helped her find the clarity that she was looking for and come home with new ideas.

“The universe and your intuition come to you through whispers… After 30 minutes of silent walking, I suddenly had the clarity that I’ve always been looking for. Brain fog lifted, suddenly all these ideas are flowing into me because I’m giving them space to enter,” she said in her viral video.


my favorite health “hack” is a morning walk even if it’s only for a few minutes 🚶🏼‍♀️silent walks are the best if you can do them 🫣

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