Skincare Trends for Summer 2018

Photo by kerdkanno at Pixabay

Makeup has been on top of the beauty trends for so long and it’s finally time someone else replaces it. The consumers are getting more informed and more picky about the ingredients that go into skincare product, which is making a real change on the market. Here are the top skincare trends for 2018.

Crystal Tools

Jade face roller is probably the most famous product from this category, closely followed by a Chinese tool called gua sha. They are used to improve face circulation and for skin detox.

Clear Skin

This is a no-brainer, right? Who doesn’t want clear skin? To have your skin be at its best, use products that contain vitamin C.

Futuristic Gadgets

The technology is everywhere, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it started to dominate the cosmetic industry. It seems like there’s a gadget for every skin problem.


Many believe that caring for your skin from the outside is not enough, but you should combine cosmetics with supplements that you take in.