Skinimalism is the Beauty Trend Everyone Will Be Embracing in 2021

If you still haven’t heard of the term “skinimalism”, now’s the time to add it to your vocabulary since we’ll be seeing it everywhere in 2021. This rising beauty trend is all about embracing your natural skin and its boom was a long time coming.

Even if the word “skinimalism” is foreign to you, chances are you’re already trying to welcome it into your life. This trend is all about using skincare and minimal makeup to give your skin a natural glow and allow its natural texture to shine through.

The rise of “skinimalism” has been evident throughout 2020, as people searched for new products that will give their skin a natural, yet glowing look. Some tried to accomplish this goal through homemade skincare products and neutral makeup, while others gave face yoga exercises a try.

Another sign that proves the emergence of this trend is the countless makeup-free celebrity selfies and newly-launched beauty brands. Rihanna’s Fenty Skin entered the scene, and clean beauty brands started popping up everywhere, including Lauren Conrad Beauty, which puts an emphasis on clean ingredients and eco-friendly materials.