Stained Glass Art is Taking Etsy by Storm

Etsy is constantly bringing new retro home décor trends our way, and one of summer’s biggest hits is as dreamy and whimsical as it gets. Stained glass art is all the rage on this vintage e-commerce website right now, and here are some of the best pieces from their Instagram page.

Stained Glass Suncatcher

You’ve probably already seen a bunch of dream catchers made with feathers and shells, but how about using stained glass instead? That’s exactly the idea behind this colorful suncatcher, made by Etsy seller Venus Glass, who mostly specializes in stained glass art inspired by animals.

Stained Glass Sun

With 130,000 Instagram followers and counting, Maria of The Sweet Karma Bar is one of Instagram’s leading stained glass artists. Her creations are as whimsical as it gets, and this stained glass sun corner piece is one of her signature designs.

Stained Glass Flowers

Lena Zaycman of Hello Elena is one of Etsy’s very best stained glass designers, and we’re truly in awe of her creations. These stained glass flowers are one of her very best designs, and this video that showcases her creative process will make you appreciate this art form even more.