Stationary, Enamel Pins, and Art Prints: Our Recent Find on Etsy

The pandemic didn’t only shape the way we’ve lived this past year, it also affected the way we shop. The dramatic rise in e-commerce amid movement restrictions induced by COVID-​19, increased online retail sales. Etsy shops, in particular, enjoyed a steady rise in sales, with shoppers looking for a more mindful shopping experience by shopping small and supporting online creators.

Hopefully, as we return to a new normal, we can still stick to some of these more sustainable practices. Here at Top Pop Today, we hope to inspire you to shop from smaller brands, by introducing you to the best Etsy shops out there. Our recent find: English stationary and accessories brand Bonbi Forest.

Run by artist, Illustrator, and “shiny things maker”, Lee Foster-Wilson, the brand celebrates the healing power of nature, by focusing on naturalistic themes and floral patterns. Based in the Cornish countryside of southwestern England, where she lives by the seaside, Foster-Wilson needs only to open her window to let the inspiration in.

“I am greatly inspired by the natural world and our relationship to it, how we place our human values onto animals and mother nature,” she shared with Ballpitmag. “Nature just does its thing no matter what, we are constantly trying to control it, yet unchecked it forges on.”

Natural motifs feature throughout her products: from enamel pins and pendants to postcards. Focusing mainly on stationary, Bonbi Forest is a real treat to both illustration lovers and nature enthusiasts. “My work focuses on motifs from nature, lots of brightly colored florals and animals,” says Foster-Wilson. “I love to use limited color palettes and keep my line hand-drawn and slightly on the naive, playful side.”

Add a dose of playfulness to your home (or purchase a piece for a friend) by heading to Bonbi Forest‘s online shop.