Studio Ghibli to Release Two New Movies in 2020

Spirited Away (2001). Photo by Studio Ghibli/Kobal/Shutterstock (5885275aa)

2020 is going to be a great year for Studio Ghibli fans. First we learned that most of their movies will be available for streaming on HBO Max soon, and now we have more exciting news: the studio will release two brand new movies this year.

Studio Ghibli released a New Year’s statement in which they informed the public about their recent accomplishments and future plans.

“Studio Ghibli continues to work on two new films. Also, Ghibli Park has started in earnest, so we hope to be able to deliver a lot of excitement this year,” the statement reads.

The studio is keeping their new releases under a veil of mystery for now. All we know is that one of them is being directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the famous co-founder of Ghibli who came out of retirement in 2016. Its title is Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka (How Do You Live?) and the story follows 15-year-old boy Koperu and his uncle. The movie has already been in development for a few years and we can’t wait to finally see it.