Succulent Christmas Trees Will Be Everywhere This Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start plotting your Christmas decorations, and new trends are already emerging. After succulent pumpkin decorations took Instagram by storm, it was just a matter of time before succulent Christmas trees followed suit.

Succulent holiday decorations have been around for years, but it took some time for them to go mainstream. Their reemergence is connected to the popularity of succulents in general, but it also has something to do with our desire to put an extra effort into decorating our living rooms this holiday season.

One of the upsides of these tiny Christmas trees is that they don’t take up too much space, and you can use them to decorate your coffee tables, bookshelves, and fireplaces. You’ll need at least two dozens of succulents to make your own tree, and the more varieties you use, the richer your tree will look.

If you want to welcome this trend into your home, remember to place your tree in a bright place, because succulents need a lot of sun. Once the holiday season is over, you can separate your succulents into individual pots, and let them grow and thrive until the next holiday season.