Sweet Potato Toast is the Biggest Fall Food Hit

Those who follow trends in the food industry already know that sweet potato toast is one of the hottest fall food trends right now. It’s well on its way to become more popular than avocado toast, but it’s a completely different dish. Here’s why we love it so much.

Sweet potato toast is easy to make and perfect for people who avoid bread (or gluten) for any reason. 

In order to make a sweet potato toast, you need 1-inch sweet potato slices (from large potatoes if possible) that you will bake in the oven or in a toaster. If you’re using a toaster, wrap them in aluminum foil first. Once your slices are soft and baked, you can use them to make all the kinds of toasts you want.

For savory toasts, use butter, cream cheese, ham, eggs, vegetables, and anything else you want. For sweet toasts, you can use honey, jams, fruit, etc. 

Sweet potato has great nutritional value. It’s full of useful vitamins and minerals, has virtually no sugar, and more protein than a regular potato. It will fill you up and keep you full for a long time.