Thanks to Ana Sacks’ TikTok video, Coach Will Change Their Ways

Coach handbags.
Coach handbags. Photo by Mcpix/Shutterstock (4105759al)

Following Ana Sacks’ viral TikTok video, luxury design brand Coach announced it would stop destroying damaged merchandise. Sacks is a highly passionate environmental activist and having learned that Coach deliberately destroy their own products drove her to go public with her findings.

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Sack’s TikTok video shows slashed Coach purses she claims to have bought from another environmental activist named Dumpster Diving Mama. Sacks describes Coach’s anti-environmental policy with obvious anger, opening with a sarcastic “welcome to my first unboxing video” statement.

“As you can see, they’re all slashed, which is Coache’s policy,” says Sacks on her now-viral video. “This is what they do with unwanted merchandise, they’re ordering employees to deliberately so no one can use it, and then they write it off as a tax write-off is if it was accidentally destroyed.”

Sacks then goes on to expose the brand’s hypocritical conduct: she talks about Coach’s repair program for their bags, citing bits of text from their website stating that they’re environmentally friendly, supporting sustainability, and encouraging consumers to repair their Coach products rather than throwing them away. The TikTok video, gaining almost 3 million views in just a little over a week, drove Coach to release an official statement saying they’re going to stop destroying in-store returns of damaged goods. Ana – 1, anti-environmentalism – 0.