The Biggest Christmas Decorating Trends in 2019

When it comes to Christmas decorating, do you favor traditional or trendy items? We believe that both categories have their own charm and it’s totally up to you what you will choose. In case you want to mix things up and follow some of the latest trends this year, here’s your guide.

Disco Colors

This is the perfect trend if you have collected all kinds of different baubles and decorations over the years and want your Christmas tree to be colorful and magnificent. Use as many colors as you want, add some ‘80s themed baubles and don’t forget tinsel! Sprinkle gold or silver glitter on top of everything.

Snowy Tree

Create a winter wonderland by getting a tree covered in fake snow or spray some snow from the can onto your tree. Decorate it with white and silver baubles for the subtle effect that resembles snow glowing in the moonlight.

Eco Christmas

Buy a locally grown real tree and decorate it with DIY baubles you can make by recycling items you have at home like paper, small glass containers, cardboard boxes, etc. Don’t forget to replant the tree in January!