The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2019

Photo by Allison Heine on Unsplash

Fairytale weddings require a ton of planning, following the current trends and incorporating them into a personal style. Most brides tend to get anxious if they have less than a year to plan their wedding, knowing that it will likely take even more to take care of every little detail.

These are the top wedding trends for the next year.

In 2019, brides will value comfort over everything else. Everything will be more relaxed than ever before. From the dress to decor, the keywords are simple and cozy.

A modern bride wears a mini or midi wedding dress, ideally with pockets. Colorful wedding dresses are on the rise, so expect to see a rainbow of colors and fun models.

The importance of ecology will reflect on the wedding trends, too. More wedding ceremonies will be held in nature and use recycled items for decor.

Couples are starting to exchange their honeymoon for an engagement trip before the wedding. Many see it as a great way to relax before diving into a mess that is wedding organization, plus they want to make sure they won’t be left with no money for the trip after the wedding is over.