The Grimace Shake is TikTok’s Most Bizzare New Trend This Summer

TikTok has never suffered from a shortage of absolutely bonkers challenges, but their latest might be the wildest one yet. TikTok users have managed to brew up a new viral trend involving McDonald’s new drink Grimace Shake, putting both a hilarious and bizarre twist on this beverage.

McDonald’s recently celebrated the birthday of the beloved character Grimace by introducing a new drink inspired by his purple color. They had no idea how much attention this shake is going to bring their way…and not for the reason they expected.

From Dalgona coffee to dirty soda, TikTok has given us several trendy drinks over the years, but there’s something that sets Grimace Shakes apart. Don’t expect to stumble upon any recipes or aesthetically pleasing clips when you search this hashtag, because Grimace Shakes videos are all about pure horror.

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This beverage started trending once TikTok users began posting clips that show them passing out after drinking it. Grimace Shakes are actually completely safe and you won’t experience any side effects after drinking one, so why is everyone sharing spooky videos involving this beverage?

TikTok user Austin Frazier is to blame for this trend, and he actually took inspiration from a similar video about Burger King’s Spider-Verse Whopper. His initial video was supposed to make fun of the drink’s weird color and show Grimace collecting victims, embracing horror and absurdist humor at the same time.

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