The Hottest Sandal Trends for Summer 2018

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Think it’s too early to go shopping for a new pair of sandals? Spring is actually perfect – who wants to wait for the July crowds when the temperatures are at their highest? Start planning now so you can be stress-free when the summer arrives.

But what are the trends in the sandal world this year? Read on to find out.

Goya Sandals

These are the influencer must-have and you’ll love them for their unique look!

Pastel Sandals

Pastel colors will be dominant in many girls’ closets this summer, and that’s not limited to clothes. Sandals in fine, pastel colors will enhance your femininity in the best way.

Woven Sandals

Are woven bags not enough for you? Try woven sandals this summer! They are neutral and go with literally anything so you only need one pair for all of your outfits.

Square-Toe Sandals

Not everyone’s going to love this trend, but they can look so great with flared pants.

Toe-Thong Sandals

So many sandals, especially made of leather, come with a subtle toe divider. They might take some getting used to but they are gorgeous!