The Matchy-Matchy Beauty Trend is Taking Over Instagram

Photo by Amir Taheri on Unsplash

Many of us feel put together when our bra matches our underwear. The newest beauty trend flooding our Instagram is matchy-matchy makeup and nails. Beauty influencers and nail artists alike are embracing the new look, and the more matchy the colors are, the better.

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Although the trend was first seen on the Fall 2013 runway, and it reappeared on the Spring 2013 runway, it’s now just starting to take off.

We have to admit that matching your nails to your lipstick is not a new thing, but this trend is going beyond pairing red nail polish with red lips. We’re seeing tons of neon nail polishes paired with neon eyeliners and shadows, as well as intricate patterns and designs on eyelids and nails.

Nail artist Amy Le, who worked with beauty influencer and celebrity makeup artist Brittany Xavier, talked about the trend with Elle and said, “I feel like matching your lipstick to your nails has always been an old school beauty trend, but recently the overall monochromatic look from your makeup to your nails has gained a lot of popularity… So chic, and it pulls everything together…”

From what we’ve seen, the trend is all about letting your creative juices flow and experimenting with colors.

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What do you think of this new beauty trend? Is it OTT or are you here for it?