The Most Bizarre Fitness Trends We’re Seeing During Coronavirus

During the quarantine, the way people workout has changed since they are no longer able to exercise in studios or gyms. But, this hasn’t stopped people from staying healthy and finding new ways to unwind and try out fitness trends. Of course, online fitness classes have become more popular during the pandemic and so have these weird exercise trends, many of which involve yoga.

Naked Yoga

Naked yoga can be done through online classes, in the studio, or in your home. It’s all about being body-positive and confident with yourself. Naked yoga gives you a chance to connect on a deeper level with your body and breath.

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness involves doing a variety of exercises with a pole and you use your body for resistance. Many of the exercises you would do at the gym like pull-ups and crunches, you can do on a pole. It’s a full-body workout that improves flexibility, coordination, upper body strength, and your core strength.

Aerial Yoga

A favorite of Britney Spears, aerial yoga uses the same poses as you do on a yoga mat, but you hang from a silk hammock that’s suspended from the ceiling. You can work on more challenging poses than in regular yoga because there isn’t the pressure on your shoulder, spine, or head.


Doga is literally yoga with your dog. Your best friend will be incorporated into the moves. During the exercises, you get to bond with your dog and it’s calming for you and your dog.

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Beer Yoga

Beer and fitness lovers have their perfect mix with beer yoga which incorporates beer into yoga poses by balancing the bottle on your head and taking sips during the poses.