The Most Exciting Celebrity Skincare Brands Launched in 2020

After completely overtaking the cosmetics world with their beauty brands, celebrities expanded their domination to the skincare scene. Several of our favorite stars started new brands in an attempt to bring their flawless skincare routines to the masses.

Fenty Skin

2020 has been such a long year that it’s easy to forget that Rihanna launched her own skincare brand back this summer. Fenty Skin is one of the first major celebrity brands on the skincare scene, and many other stars quickly followed suit.

Keys Soulcare

Alicia Keys is famous for her makeup-free looks. That’s why she’s proven to be the perfect person to launch a nourishing skincare line, which can help you keep your skin glowing.

Happy Dance

Kristen Bell also entered the beauty scene this year with her CBD skincare brand Happy Dance. From body butter and coconut melts to bath bombs, this brand is here to help you take your self-care routine up a notch.

JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez is also getting ready to enter the cosmetics scene with her new brand JLo Beauty. Judging by the products included in the initial launch, she’s putting emphasis on skincare, not makeup and she wants to help her customers “get an ageless glow”.