The New Airport in Beijing Has the Largest Terminal in the World

Aerial view of the Beijing Daxing International Airport. Photo by Imaginechina/Shutterstock (10419291f)

A new airport opened in Beijing on September 20th, 2019 and it’s already famous for being the largest one in the world. Its official name is Beijing Daxing International Airport and it already earned a nickname – people call it “the starfish airport”. It was built because of the growing demand for air traffic in the capital of China. As it’s expected, it will accommodate 72 million passengers by 2025.

The airport was built in only four years.

The new airport stands 46km south of the city center with an area larger than 1,000,000 sqm. The long term plans for it include serving up to 100 million passengers every year.

It has 4 floors that are carefully designed to ease the flow of passengers who are arriving or departing. There are a big luxury shopping area and numerous cafes in the terminal area. At the end of each hall, there’s a traditional Chinese garden where the visitors can relax while waiting for the flight. The architecture of the building follows the traditional Chinese principles that include a grand central courtyard and a number of small structures around it.