The New Satisfying Trend: Perfect Aluminum Foil Balls

Screenshot via SKYtomo/Youtube

There’s not much you can do to make aluminum foils less boring than it is. It’s mostly used in the kitchen while cooking or storing food. Nothing fun, right? Fortunately, there’s a new trend in Japan that offers plenty of fun while making incredibly satisfying metal balls out of foil and the internet is crazy about it.

Finding a satisfying stress relieving activity can be beneficial for mental health. If you enjoy activities such as peeling the dried glue off your palms and playing with your fidget spinner, you’ll enjoy this, too. The great thing is that the effect is similar even when you’re just watching others do it, so there’s no need to actually do all the hard work. But if you’re up for trying it yourself, you just need some aluminum foil to start! See below how Japanese create perfect shiny balls: